BEST MEN'S SHIRT in 2020 that can make you ATTRACTIVE, MASCULINE, UNIQUE. They boost up your trendy look in 2020

            In this modern world, the Total population across 8 billion people living with us. In this world, you look unique to others. I mean, you look unique from your area or surroundings. The outfit shirt is not only for your attraction. The best shirt boosts up your confidence and positive minded with us. So, I tell you, the top 8 shirts that can make you smarter, masculine, and look sexier. 

      1. DRESS SHIRT.

                The dress shirt is the most unique formal shirt worn with tie-on formal occasions like especially in the office. The dress shirt is mostly made up of cotton. Cotton is the most popular, durable, and comfortable to wear. The cotton has more strength in weaves and thread counts. The most important thing about this shirt crispy looks at any time. 


    • Better fit for anyone. It looks like a masculine look.
    • Less time to wear.
    • The dress shirt has to highlight your personal style.
    • The dress shirt has a uniquely rich look.   


                The flannel shirt has the soft woven fabric. Mostly flannel is made up of carded wool or worsted yarn. The term flannel refers to a tartan pattern. Flannel shirts have warm and comfortable. Especially, flannel shirts are worn in the wintertime to warm our bodies. 


    • The flannel shirt has soft and easy to wash.
    • The flannel shirt has lots of style and design 
    • It has an Eco-friendly. ( cotton )
    • Flannel shirts are affordable. But, it looks classy, casual look.


            WHITE SHIRT:

                        The white shirt is the most unique color from the old generation till now. And, white is the only color that ranks in the first position. In the future also white color didn't go down.


        BLACK SHIRT:
    Especially, White skin tone person wears a black shirt and they look sexier and attractive. It can be worn with all colors of pants such as lite or dark colors.



                A printed shirt is the most rugged shirt who wear improperly. Because this design is most complicated. But, you wear this shirt correctly means you are looks feminine. Firstly, a Printed shirt is invented in the 19th century(exactly 1946) on Hawaii island. The printed shirt has lots of designs and styles. Mostly, these are worn in summer days. These are more casual look than a normal shirt.



      5. DENIM SHIRT:

                The denim shirt is the most casual shirt to wear normally or jacket type. A denim shirt can wear in a day in or a day out. Denim shirt brings you a masculine look to your body. But, Denim shirt is worn with black color or lite color chinos. Because It can't suit for blue jeans or you can try with toned jeans for a trendy outfit. 







                Half sleeve shirts are comfortable to wear. These are mostly worn in the summer season. A masculine guy wears this shirt means her biceps and forearms look sexier. The half sleeve has no disturbance when you are writing or doing some work.

      8. CASUAL SHIRT: 


           The name casual is the opposite of formal. So, a casual shirt is the opposite of a formal shirt. If you tuck in or out. To wear with shorts or pants is not a matter. A casual shirt is always casual from your dress collection. These shirts can be wear at parties, college function, office party, etc.