Men's Shoes - 5 Best shoes for men.


             In this topic, we will look at 5 shoes for men should own. Before I go, let me tell you about shoes.

            In this world, not many people wear the right shoes for the right clothing. Others buy a shoe and wear them with all kinds of clothing. Incomparable shoes spoil our personality. So, wear the right shoes with a matching outfit. One more thing, you should wear specific types of shoes for specific occasions.

 For example:
                   1. At the wedding ceremony, a person may wear coat suits with training shoes. Imagine this would ruin the overall personality.

                   2. The other person wears plain black t-shirts and blue jeans with sneakers. This vision will elevate our personality.

            In the 2 examples above, you can wear the right shirt or pants, but matching shoes can complete your look. So wear the right shoes for matching clothing.

            Why I give the importance to the shoe instructions, the shoe can explain a man from top to bottom. According to researchers at the University of Kansas, people can predict 90% of a person's shoes. The shoe makes a man full. So, you understand the power of shoes.

            In this world, there are many shoes available, but not everyone can buy all the shoes. So, let me tell you the 5 best shoes for men today. It makes you an attractive and complete person.

            First, let's see, a variety of shoes are available in the market.


    • Formal shoes.
    • Casual shoes. 
    • Boots.


                Formal shoes are classified into Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Brogue shoes, Loafers, and Monk shoes.


                These formal shoes are worn with chinos, jeans, trousers, coat suits, and blazers. These are worn at business meetings, offices, schools, and colleges. These shoes make a Gentleman look. These views are majestic.



                Oxford shoes are a closed type and outer layer artificial and leather type. Derby shoes open type in the lace area. Loafers have no lace. Monk's shoes hook in the lace area.

               Available colors are Black, Brown, Burgundy, Oxblood, Chestnut, Cordovan, and some other colors.

                 Materials are synthetic shoes and leather shoes. I like leather because skin material has durability, breathability, flexibility, and appearance.



                  The second and most stylish shoes on this list. Normal is formal. Typical shoe types are sneakers (low top, high top), boat, espadrille, and slip-on.


                 Available colors are black, brown, white, red, gray, blue, orange, yellow, green, and many other colors.


                 These shoes can be worn for parties, school functions, college functions, wedding functions, and many other occasions.



               Boots are the trendiest shoes available on this list. But, many of them do not know. Why I'm telling means because the boots add ankle height, elastic, and stylish to our feet.


                Boots available in the market are Chelsea Boots, Chukka Boots, and Brogue Boots.


                The colors of the boots are black, brown, burgundy, gray, oxblood, chestnut, and cordovan.

                Adding boots to your clothing look will enhance your personality.

                In the list above, you don’t buy all kinds of shoes. This is because some shoes are more expensive. If you invest too much money in shoes. Spend generously.

                But what I am saying is that no one can buy shoes. So, let me tell you, 5 shoes for men. They are inexpensive, durability, elasticity, breathability, flexibility, aesthetic appearance.



        Men should keep their Oxford / Derby shoes. Because everyone is going to work for an age. At this place, If you want to be nice and dress nice. 


                I prefer black or brown. Leather shoes are more advantages such as long life, durability, elasticity, and aesthetic look.  All the colors of the pants match black and brown. So go ahead and buy Leather Oxford / Derby shoes today. 

         2. LOAFERS

                This list includes loafers to wear with jeans, pants, trousers, chinos, and shorts. Loafers have no lace. So, wear it easily. Also, it has tremendous benefits for people. Loafers change the whole look.


    Loafers have flexibility, no heels, no lace. Therefore, it is easy to wear and does not have much time to wear. I prefer black, brown or tan, blue.

    These are worn for parties, semi-formal occasions. Therefore, buy leather loafers from today.

        3. SNEAKERS

        Without sneakers, shoe shelves do not seem complete. Yes, sneakers are the most stylish shoes to wear with trousers, chinos, jeans, and shorts.

                 Two types of sneakers are low top and high top sneakers.
    Low-top sneakers won't cover your ankles and high-top sneakers are ankle-high.


                Sneakers are also called skateboard shoes. I like white, black, gray, blue and red. But white, in particular, is popular all the time. It is a timeless piece. 

                White is the only color that matches any color of the pant. But, remember to clean the skin of the white-shoe before you use it.
    Because it has white in color.

                So you know the power of white sneakers. So, go first today and buy white sneakers.

        4. TRAINING SHOES:

        Training shoes are ideal for athletics, running, and training areas. If you are gym-goers buy good training shoes.


                This shoe has lightweight, durability, breathability, elasticity, and flexibility. There are more colors available in the market. You can buy any color you like.

        5. BOOTS:

        Boots feature Chelsea, Chukka, and Brogue. I recommend buying the Chelsea/ Chukka Boots.


                Advantages of Boots It covers our ankles and adds extra personality to our outfits.

                 Because the Chelsea/ Chukka boots match all the colors of the band. I recommend black and brown. So, go from today and buy boots and maximize your outfit.