MUSCLE MEMORY TRAINING !!! The brain has a greater memory power. Whether you can lose muscle for a year. Don't feel about that. It gains the muscle easily.


    muscle memory

                A group of bounded fibrous tissue inside myonucleus in the human body or animal body is called muscle
                                MUSCLE -->MUSCLE FIBER -->MYO NUCLEUS     


    muscle memory

                Muscle fibers consist of two types such as fast-twitch fiber, slow-twitch fiber.

                FAST TWITCH FIBER:

    muscle memory

    It is also known as TYPE II fiber. Mostly, this type of fiber located at a young age. They look big in size. but, Low endurance, Easy Fatiguability

                SLOW TWITCH FIBER:

    muscle memory

    It is also known as TYPE I fiber. Mostly, this type of fiber located in old people. It looks small in size. Maintained easily. It has high endurance.

    At aging, our body producing TYPE I muscle fiber production and reduces TYPE II muscle fiber because low testosterone levels and other process happened during aging.            


    muscle memory
    muscle memory

             Hypertrophy is a huge growth of muscle fiber(cells). In other words, a muscle can be trained for the first time muscle cells start increasing in the muscle fiber. Not muscle growth. Muscle cells have lots of myonuclei.
    when muscle attains excess of myonuclei in the cell can exist. muscle growth happens is called Hypertrophy. 


                It is caused by a lack of physical activity. When a disease or injury makes it impossible to move our body parts like arms and legs. Its result has muscle wasting. It is called as Atrophy.


                 Muscle memory is nothing but, Memory is stored in the brain after a long time gapping anything you practiced. 

    For eg.;
    muscle memory

    A person starts practicing the piano for the first time. It is difficult to train at the beginning stage. The next picture shows the same person after practicing a piano. He directly plays music. Because of muscle memory in our body.  


    When we gap the gym (or) physical activity for months or years. The muscle attains atrophy. At that time muscle size will be lost. But, not your muscle nucleus.

    muscle memory

    The study 2010 Myonuclei muscle memory shows that This picture explains de-trained muscle gets cell fusion(growth in muscle cells) and normal muscle attains hypertrophy(increases muscle size). When we suddenly gap the training(or)physical activity muscle attains atrophy. At that time, the muscle nucleus not reduced. So, easily re-gain the old muscle easily than you think. The main thing is you should eat(protein, carbs, fats) well in atrophy time. Because they save gained muscle nucleus in the muscle fiber. The muscle memory training is always kept in our body-safe. So,


                  The physique is temporary. Life is permanent. So, don't think about lost muscle in that period. Because depression causes many problems in our bodies. So, Enjoy life.