Muscles - Muscles types - How muscles are grown -5 secrets to built muscle



                       A set of grouped fibrous tissue inside myonucleus in the human body or animal body is called muscles.


                A muscle is a soft tissue that consists of muscle fiber. Muscle plays the most important part of your body. 


        The outer protective layer of fascicle is called epimysium. The muscle fascicle consists of perimysium, endomysium. The muscle fiber is surrounded by perimysium and endomysium. The muscle fiber consists of the sarcolemma.



                A body consists of muscles, whether small muscle group or long muscle group is controlled by the brain. A brain sent a signal through a bundle of nerves. This signal consists of chemicals and electronics in the bundle of nerve cells. 

                This signal process consists of myosin take the actin fiber around them. Myosin gets the ATP(Adenosine triphosphate) as an energy source from the fiber, actin. This process is also for small and long muscle cells in our bodies. 

    For eg:
               A man pulls a door, our muscles send a signal to the brain and the brain responds to a signal to the brain. This process takes a fraction of a second. In this process, muscle contraction and expansion happens.


    • Cardiac muscles.
    • Smooth muscles.
    • Skeletal muscles.



            Cardiac muscles are also called heart muscles or myocardium. It is involuntary striated muscles and connected with the tissue of the heart. The myocardium is the middle thick layer. The endocardium is the inner layer and epicardium is the outer layer of the heart.



        The smooth muscle is the involuntary non-striated muscle. The smooth muscles are found in the nerves of the intestine, stomach, bladder, and respiratory tract. Two units of smooth muscles are a single unit and a multi-unit. When you are afraid of cold temperatures, these soft muscles cause the hair to stand upright.



                Skeletal muscle is muscle, that is placed in outer layer of your body. I mean, It is normal biceps, triceps and other muscle. 


                Your muscles are built during sleep. After your workout, your body will repair and replace damaged muscle fibers in cellular function. In this process, muscle fiber or myofibril is created.


               Hormone and genetics play an important role in muscle development. Also, the male hormone testosterone is important for muscle gain. The woman does not have testosterone. Women have estrogen hormones. So, This is why women exercise harder and are not as muscular as men.


              The process of building muscle is a long term process. Muscles are built by feeding them with proper nutrition, progressive overload, rest (recovery), and genetics are the key to muscle growth. 

                You cannot change your genetics because it is natural. So, focus on your diet and exercise our muscles will grow easily. So, I tell you the 5 secrets to build muscle easy.



                 Progressive overload is nothing but, you increase the volume of your workout. Volume = Weights x Reps x Set. Weight is nothing but, How weight you handle in the workout. Reps are total counting in the sets.


                If you don't progressively overload your workout, your brain has already adopted your workout. So, your muscles stop growing. So, increase your volume(reps, sets, and adding weights)in your workout.

        2. DIET:

              You can make exercise difficult but if you do not eat properly, the muscle will not grow. So, foods are important in the muscle-building process.


                 In simple, when you take food, your protein coverts into amino acid. Then amino acid is feed into breaked muscle. The proper diet is key for muscle building.

                The diet plays the main role in the muscle-building process and also recover damaged cells in your body. The diet has 30%

        3. REST:

                When you sleep, the muscle-building process happens. Not only muscle growth, but it also increases testosterone levels when you sleep and reduces stress in your body. So, 7-8 hours of sleep gets as much muscle as possible. 

                Sleeping plays most important for muscle building. An average muscle recovery time is 48hrs. So, don't hit the same muscle daily.

        4. BE CONSISTENCY:

                Consistency is a difficult thing for people. People follow the above steps correctly but fail to maintain consistency. 

         5. BE PATIENCE:

                I already said muscle building is the long term process. This process takes months/years. You don't think about muscle growth. Muscles will grow naturally. Your main focus is, focus on your diet, sleeping, and progressive overload