How to do push-ups for beginners with pictures. To practice in 5 days with 5 easy steps.

           In this busy world, many teenagers and middle-aged people face problems like depression, anxiety, and stress due to job tension and other reason also. This is not good for our body's health mentally and physically

             Because stress and anxiety lead to headaches, muscle tension, muscle aches, irritability, chronic pain, digestive issue, decreased energy, insomnia, appetite changes, acne, hair fall, lower testosterone levels and decrease immunity power in our body and other severe side effects.

             Why I am telling means stress is the very biggest problem in this world faced by many people living. You are working for earning money. Money is important for survival but health is more important for living. 

              So, we relax our body for better health. Body Relaxation means two types are mentally and physically. So, I think the only way is exercising, yoga and other you feel better.

             Exercise means not big weight lifting and gym also. Weight training is also more important, but working people don't have time to go to the gym and workout regularly. 

             So, at least do bodyweight exercise. This bodyweight exercise even should do in your home also in your free time.

              Body exercise means push-ups and squat. Today we see about push-ups. Push-ups is the only bodyweight exercise to work many muscle types in our body such as biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest, back, abdomen, and even leg also. Almost it works all muscle types in our body. 

              Because push-ups can help muscle building and relax our body from stress. If you are a beginner and did not know how to do push up means, 
I tell you the easy 5 steps in 5 days. It is very useful for your health and fitness goals also. 

              Why I am telling this step by step trick means you cannot do push-ups for the first time. Hand power is the key to push-ups. First, you build your hand power by these steps and do push-ups easily

Before going to this topic, we see 


    In simple words, push the ground or anything and lifting our body.

    In definition, the chest, abdomen, thighs are in straight position throughout the floor. Exhale when you push and inhale when you go starting position.


        STEP 1: 

                                        WALL PUSH-UPS

    push ups

    push ups

                Wall push-ups are done in the wall in a standing position is called wall push-ups. 

                You stand in a normal position and fix the hand in the wall and just pushing the wall and slowly lift our body. This is an easy step but you should train for 1 day. You should train for 1 day with 3 sets. 1 set =10 reps.

        STEP 2:

                                        INCLINED PUSH-UPS

    push ups

    push ups

                This is the next step after wall push-ups. This is a little more difficult than step 1. So, make sure that you are leaning with the help of items such as boxes or chairs at your waist level. 

                 Whatever the process, keep in mind before you start positioning. You have to pull your breath when going down breathe out when you get up. 

                 You have to hold the body for 5 seconds as you go down, and the body for 5 seconds when you get up. It's a little hard but it's easier to practice. You should train for 2 days with 3 sets. 1 set =10 reps.

        STEP 3: 

                                       KNEELING PUSH-UPS

    push ups

                  You are doing this practice for 4th day. This is a little difficult than step 2. But, you can do easily by built hand power

                  You should place the knee on the floor and raise the toes above and adjust the hand position. Then you hold the body up for 5 seconds, then slowly go down and hold the body for 5 seconds. This is a little difficult, but it is easy to practice. You should train for 2 days with 3 sets. 1 set =10 reps.

        STEP 4:

                                       KEEP PRACTISING
    push ups

                 The next important step is 4. It is very difficult. I mean why people refuse to teach or practice anything. They think it’s easy to achieve success. But coaching and hard work are key to success. Therefore, keep practicing and you will achieve success.

                  You should not go to step 5 before completing these steps correctly. You can take more days, but you complete this step correctly.

        STEP 5:


    push ups

    push ups

                              The last and final step, its push-ups. You complete the above steps means it's a little easier for you. Before starting, keep in position and breathing techniques.

                    When you are in the upper position you need to hold the body for 10 seconds, then come down to 2 inches and then hold for 10 seconds. 

                     And come down to 4 inches and then hold for 10 seconds and go down slowly and hold. You should train for 1 or 2 days for your experience.

                    Then come back and do push-ups. You can easily do push-ups. But remember to practice regularly.