Ectomorph - How to build muscle easily for a very lean person? It is 100% natural. Let me tell you the secret about it.

             In this world, many lean people problem, Is it hard to gain weight? No, Because, successful people such as Bruce Lee, Frank Zane, and some popular people are all lean people. If these people can achieve it, you can achieve it too. 


            First of all, gaining weight is not a matter. So, don't think about that. And, I tell you the secret for weight gaining for lean people. Please follow these steps correctly, consistently, and be patient. You will also achieve success. The naturally lean people are called ectomorph.


                Ectomorph is naturally thin people, it is difficult to increase muscle and fat in the body. But, your physical appearance looks like shredded people. Even if you eat a ton of food, there will be no change in your body.



                There are some steps to find ectomorph. If you are a lean body person means, to check the below steps.
    • Naturally thin body appearance.
    • Small and flat chest. 
    • A narrow shoulder.
    • Long and thin limbs(hands and legs).
    • Fast Metabolism(Even if you eat more foods, but eaten foods can't be stored in your body). 
    • Your body burns more calories.
    • Totally, your body can look like a rectangle shape.



               In this scenario, the lean person has been in the gym and has been exercising for the past 3 months. Also, there is no change in body appearance. So, that person taking steroids with no guidance.

                After 3 months, that lean person gains muscle and gains strength. As well as kidney problems, heart problems, hair loss, and other serious side effects. 

                Many people take steroids for faster results. It gives faster results like superman or batman. But, it has many side effects too.
    The natural muscle building process takes months or years. Because natural muscle building is a slow process. So, be patient.

                I never recommend steroids. And, I tell the natural way to gain more weight for lean people. 


                The secrets are carefulness, consistency, be patient.
    • Careful in the diet.
    • Consistency in diet, workout, and recovery.
    • Be patient.

    Careful in diet:

                Firstly, careful in the diet. Notice the foods that you eat. That means You should eat quality protein, simple or complex carbohydrates, and good fats. 

                You should eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Please, don't eat pastry items, over sugary, and over salty content foods. Get some nutrient-rich foods and vegetables in your body. So, concentrate on your diet.

    Consistency in diet, workout, and recovery.

                Consistency is the key to success. If you go to the gym and exercise, do it regularly. If you eat good nutritious foods, eat regularly. 

                In any case, do not take a break from this exercise and diet. Because that would be a problem for you. If you are consistent in exercise, diet, and rest, you achieve 90% success.  

    Be patient:

                The last and final stage is to be patient. This weight gaining process can take months or even years. In this condition, 80% of people fail. So, be patient in gaining weight. But you can achieve it.



                There are many workouts in this world. These workouts depend upon body types. The ectomorph (or) lean people should concentrate on compound movement exercise.

                 Because, compound exercise like a deadlift, squat, bench press, lunges, dips, push-ups, pull-ups, and bent over barbell row, etc. These exercises do work multiple muscle groups in one single exercise.  

                 So, concentrate on compound movement exercise. And, don't waste time exercising the isolation movement exercise.

                Exercise 4 times a week is enough. Do Cardio workout 1 time a week is enough. 

                Don't play any outdoor or indoor games that burn calories. If you play, the body does burns more calories. So, your body doesn't store muscle or fat. 

                Because your body does burn more calories than you eat. You are naturally high metabolism. 

                At this playtime, you can rest. It's easy to gain muscle on your body. 



                If you want to build muscle, first intake the good nutritional content foods. Because, the muscle will build in 20% of workout, 70% of the diet, and 10% of rest. The maximum occupying place is diet. So, concentrate on foods. 

                If you want to build muscle, stay in a calorie surplus diet. 

    Calorie surplus:

    Eat a high-calorie diet rather than maintenance calories. I mean, you should eat 400 - 500 calories than maintenance calories. In simple words, you should eat more foods than you burned calories(exercise, and any physical activity). Because this extra calorie will store in your body as muscle or fat. It promotes to gain weight easily. 

    For eg.:

                A person's weight is 60kg, his maintenance calorie is  2200. So, If he had to gain weight, add 400-500 calories in the daily diet. 



                There are many foods in this world. But, you should target high-calorie foods. Because these high-calorie foods give you weight gain. You should eat 5 to 6 meals a day. 

                Click here, If you want to know more information on high-calorie foods. If you want to gain weight, eat those foods I mentioned.



                There are many supplements in the market. Supplements consist of powdered or capsule form. But, I recommended creatine and whey protein. Creatine and whey protein are the best supplement in this world. Because these supplements have many good results in researches.



                The main thing about muscle building is recovery(rest). Because muscle building is happening only in rest time. So, sleep 7-8hrs a day. Because good sleeping can increase testosterone, boost immunity in your body, muscle building, and many advantages too.


                The conclusion is, this muscle building process takes months or years. The muscle-building process is a slow process. Be patient. And, consistency in workout, diet, and proper rest. You can achieve to gain weight soon.