But, your physical appearance looks like obese. Endomorph naturally has high fat and low muscle mass. Even if you didn't eat any food, there will be no change in your body. Endomorph is more sensitive than other body types(



 There are some steps to find endomorph. If you are an obese body person means, to check the below steps.
  • Naturally round body appearance.
  • Big and fatty chest. 
  • A big shoulder.
  • Short and fat limbs(hands and legs).
  • Slow Metabolism. 
  • Your body burns fewer calories.
  • Totally, your body can look like a square shape.
  • Difficult to lose fat.
  • Soft skin.
  • Low muscle mass.



            Firstly, If you are an endomorph. Don't compare you with others. Because I saw many people in my surroundings, they said about "how to build muscle like Arnold or any person". 

          Because, any one in the world has different genetics. So, don't compare others.



            Endomorph diet is to consume foods that have more proteins and healthy fats while having low carbs. Low carbs do not mean that you have to eliminate carbs completely because carbs supply energy to the body here are the best foods you can eat while on an endomorph diet

1. Fatty fish:

            Fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, and mackerel are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Which are healthy not just this but fatty fishes also make a great source of lean proteins and healthy fats which promote weight loss in the endomorph diet plan.

2. Walnuts:

            Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and also have proteins in them. They make a good source of healthy fats while the carbs are low and they also supply iron, calcium, and vitamin E to the body.

3. Whole egg:

             The egg is another fantastic choice of foods which will suit the endomorph diet for weight loss. It is a good source of proteins and healthy fats and the carbs content is very low. Potassium, iron, and vitamin A, vitamin D  are supplied in moderate proportions by egg yolk.

4. Tofu:

             Tofu is an amazing soy product that is quite healthy. It is very apt to be included in the endomorph diet as it has a low carb content while proteins and healthy fats are present in abundance tofu also offer a decent amount of fiber which is essential for good digestive health. 

5. Cheese:

             Cheese makes an excellent food choice for the endomorph diet being a dairy product. It is a good source of protein and the carbs are very minimally present in cheese. Cheese is a very healthy food and is loaded with potassium, vitamin A, and calcium. 

6. Olive oil:

             Olive oil while following this diet plan you should prefer olive oil for cooking over other alternatives olive oil is an enormously healthy food ingredient that has various health benefits to do the at least you can add olive oil to your salad. 

7. Beans:

            Beans are to add a lot of protein to your daily intake. Beans are loaded with proteins and other healthy nutrients which help a great deal to achieve fitness goals. Beans also have iron, potassium in impressive quantities.  

8. Flax seeds:

             Flax seeds are fluent in proteins and healthy fats which makes them a good pick for the endomorph diet plan. 

9. Meat:

             Meat is one of the top sources of high-quality lean proteins. It does not contain any carbs at all making it a splendid and delicious choice in the way of your weight loss

10. Avocado:

             Last but not least avocados will make a decent choice for the endomorph diet.



            Endomorph workout plan includes high strength training and high HIIT cardio workout. I mean, you do 45- 60 min of high-intensity strength training. Strength training includes deadlift, squat, bench press, and lat pulldown. 

            And also, do the isolation movement, because isolation movement increase spot increases muscle mass. In this training, you should keep a rest interval 20-60seconds between every set

            You must train 3-4 sets per workout and 12-15reps and till failure. Because it can burn more fat in your body. After a workout, you must do compulsory cardio(HIIT) for fat burning.


            First of all, don't compare others. Ectomorph is the best body type among other types. For eg. JAY CUTLER has ectomorph bodytype. The main thing is keep consistence, patience, and hardwork