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            Weight gain is the biggest problem for lean guys. To gain weight means, You should follow some steps(below). And some major reasons for didn't to gain weight. 

 Four reasons for didn't to gain weight:

  •  First is you are over-training yourself. 
  •  Second is you are not eating enough food
  •  The third is your genes, Of course, and that is the main cause, I    guess 80 to 85 percent of people. 
  •  The last one is your lifestyle maybe it is very hectic. 

            It is very busy and you are not you at the end of the day you are physically and mentally you are very tired. 

            So, first of all, write what's your problem on the paper like which one is your real problem now moving on to the second thing that is the method that how are we going to increase your increase our weight and muscles. 


            Now see it's all about calories. A calorie is simply a unit like for diesel or petrol for a fuel a liter is a unit like that whatever you eat there is a unit calorie. 

            There are so many units we can see but a calorie is a unit that you need to care about the most now how to do that I know that a lot of people don't understand what exactly is a calorie and how to do and what to do like. 

             Even if they know, what, how many calories they have to consume how to consume them they can't go into the market and eat junk food and eat enough calories and get fat.

             That's not also the option you know getting fat is not the solution getting pure muscles with weight is the solution.

Step 1:

To gain weight

                The first step was your finding the problem that what is the real problem that you are not gaining weight.

Step 2:

To gain weight

              The second thing is the method and how to solve this see and search in the google write BMR calculator you will go, check BMR below and you will find in the BMR calculator. 

              If you know metrics value means, you should turn the metrics side switch. You will put your age height, weight, and certainly more things and you will find out what's your BMR now as per your activity level in the same calculator. 

               I guess you will find out this thing as per your activity level like you are how active you are in your lifestyle you will put and you will find out the activity calories and thereafter after joining after adding BMR and the activity calories. 

               You will find out certain calories now you have to add 500 to 1000 calories into it and that is the target. Write that on the paper that is the target that you have to complete day after day. 

                So put that step one finding your problem, step two method you know calculating your calorie BMR plus activity level plus 500 to 2000 any number you can take depending on how fast you can you want to achieve.

Step 3:

To gain weight

                 Now I am going to tell you about the diet plan. Like I will talk about around 55 to 60 kg weight of a person. I am talking about that guy's diet plan and you have to calculate your calories. 

                 Everyone has got google do some hard work write up right write your food on the paper and count all your calories and work for yourself, okay you need discipline. 

                So moving on the diet plan, first of all, you have to make sure that in your diet plan whatever calories you are taking you can't go and eat. 

                You know butter you can't eat butter and complete your calories that's not the option. I mean I'm not saying that butter is not the option you have to take. 

                 I'm saying that you have to maintain these macros 25% protein, 20% fat, and 55% carbs.

Meal 1 (Breakfast):

            Meal one breakfast that is very very important you need to understand that breakfast shouldn't be missed by any of the people in the world and you people who are underweight this is some reason for weight gain.

            The best breakfast is oats, idli, banana, and eggs. I think it is a good breakfast.

Meal 2 (Morning snack):

             You can take two egg whites omelet, one banana and egg white omelet you have to cook in olive oil that's the best oil you know for people in fitness. 

Meal 3 (Lunch):

            You can take it as lunch so you have to make some brown rice (or) white rice. Now what you have to eat with brown rice(or)white rice is boiled chicken

            If you are a vegetarian you have to you can make tofu, the low fat paneer or you can take some egg whites if you want and for those who are vegetarians, you can also take some dal with fewer spices in cooked in olive oil. 

            So you have to make a salad with it, that is very very important. Salad(fruits and vegetables) is the main thing in your diet. 

            Now moving on the same meal you have to make yogurt and add some flax seeds to it. If you want to yogurt is a great choice. 

Meal 4 (Pre-workout):

            Now moving on to meal four that you have to take you can that can be your previous pre-workout meal as you can do the workout in the evening because evening workout is a really good thing. 

            I mean for those people who want to gain weight evening workout would be the preferred choice. So take you can in the pre-workout meal you can take a sweet potato

            And, you can take two brown bread apply peanut butter on it, and one banana that's your pre-workout meal. 

Meal 5 (During workout):

            Now during the workout, you have to take water that is very important. BCAA or Creatine of course the best option of course who wants to use supplements after a workout you have to take whey protein that is a great option. 

Meal 6 (Post-workout):

             After the workout, there is no energy in your body. So, at that time you have to take simple carbs foods such as white rice, banana, and other fruits, some dal chicken, tofu, low-fat paneer. 

Meal 7 (Dinner):

            Meal 7 that is before bed you have to take some milk and almonds with it you can mix. You can soak those almonds into milk and take them simply and you can also add some whey protein into it. 


            Now you have to work like this is an average diet this is not the whole diet that I'm telling about. You have to count your calories and you have to search in google and find out how many calories this diet plan is giving you and you have to make the arrangement.