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            Hey What's up guys, Today we're gonna be talking about the six t-shirt styles that every man needs in their wardrobe. You see the truth is t-shirts are awesome. 

            The T-shirt is so much more than the shirt. Because it can be worn in any situation. It can be worn on any pants like chinos, trousers, jeans.

            They're super comfortable and if you wear them right. You can look super stylish with them but when most think of a t-shirt all they think about is the simple crewneck. 

             Reality is there are tons of different styles that you can have that will benefit you make you look more attractive and diversify your entire wardrobe if that sounds interesting hop into it.

1. Crew neck T-shirt:

6 t-shirt for men

            Let's start with number one the most basic one. The one I just talked about is your crew neck

            Your basic crew neck t-shirt you should have it in white and black now the beauty of a crew neck t-shirt is that if it fits right like this one from our brand essentials. 
             It only has all the right features it'll make your chest look bigger, it'll make your arms look thicker and if it's nice and loose in the midsection it'll be a comfortable t-shirt where you're not having to worry about being all stuffy or feeling overdressed

2. Henley T-shirt:

6 t-shirt for men

            The second type of t-shirt that I think every man should have and it's the Henley t-shirt. The Henley t-shirt probably out of this list is the sexiest t-shirt. 

            See the bundt detail that's the Henley t-shirt has makes the t-shirt a little bit dressier but also gives you a little bit more definition and kind of like dimension to your outfit versus just wearing something basic like a tunic. 

            When you wear a Henley t-shirt and you unbutton it you get more a little bit more of man cleavage which as you know man cleavage it's ultra sexy and since these Hanley's are from essential

             These t-shirts are super soft conform to your body and it's a technical fit that won't shrink but also will keep you refreshed all day that's why essentials make the best basics in the world. 

3. Tank top T-shirt:

6 t-shirt for men

            This rolls us on to the third type which is the tank tops t-shirt. The tank top is a great t-shirt to own because well it exposes your body. 

            This one if you have a great athletic build you definitely need a tank top in your wardrobe however you gotta be smart of when you wear it. 

             It'll just increase your attractiveness right when you're going to the beach when you go into the pool when it's a hot summer day and you pair with shorts and some white canvases. 

4. V-neck T-shirt:

6 t-shirt for men

             Rolls on to the fifth style of t-shirt that you should have it's the v-neck. 

             So the v-neck is a variation of the crew neck t-shirt except for this one like I said has a V cut to it this V cut works very similar to the Henley where it's giving you dimension to your looks. 

             But also offering some male cleavage which is super attractive that little extra detail just really sets you apart because most guys like I would say about 95% of guys still wear crew necks all the time so when you wear a v-neck you tend to stand out a bit. 

5. Sleeveless T-shirt:

6 t-shirt for men

           The next t-shirt now the sleeveless is differently to tank top the tank top exposes more skin and usually the upper chest. 

           The sleeveless is literally just as the name says, where it has no sleeves these sorts of muscle tees are much easier to pull off in the tank tops and more acceptable in different situations. 

            If you're going for a streetwear outfit or something super casual or it's a super hot day these muscle tees look great. 

            But,  usually only if you have some sort of muscle definition if you don't I would avoid these types of t-shirt, and instead, I'll pour something like a long sleeve that will make your arms look thicker and more muscular. 

6. Long-sleeve T-shirt:

6 t-shirt for men

            Finally, the sixth and last t-shirt style that I think you should have is the long sleeve t-shirt and the beauty of this t-shirt is that it works with any body type. 

            So, if you're a skinny guy you wear a long sleeve it'll make you look bigger than what you are if you're a built guy or have some sort of muscle definition the long sleeve will wrap around your muscle and expose that definition. 

            Even more, in other words, it's the best of both lean and bulky is pretty.