The 5 must-have grooming tips for men | The daily routine in your life | fashion fitify    

      I'm gonna give you a simple grooming 5 steps to be exact for someone that wants to be attractive or maybe thinks that they already are attractive

                If you just stick with me for the next 6 to 7 minutes I'm just gonna amp your sex appeal with ease so if that sounds interesting.

                First of all, grooming plays the most crucial role in your life. Because grooming improves the man's beauty. Grooming makes unique beauty from others in their group.

1. Exfoliate your lips:

              Exfoliate your lips are this super-important something so many men tend to skip because they just don't care about but why do you think women just want to make out with attractive dudes their lips are probably on point and yours aren't. 

               Now there are two ways to exfoliate your lips to make sure that they look plump naturally. 

a. Sugar scrub

  • Using a sugar scrub this is the easiest and cheapest way to do. 
  • so all you do is grab a little bit of sugar some water mix it together and then after brushing your teeth. 
  • You can exfoliate your lips with the scrub it's gonna get rid of all the dead skin and the dryness to make sure your lips look plump.

b. Brushing your lips: 

  • The easiest way to do. When you're brushing your teeth once you're done rinse your toothbrush and using the soft bristles of your toothbrush. 
  • You can also exfoliate your lips this is again gonna lift up all the dead skin and all the ruggedness off your lips to make your lips plump. 

2. Take shower at least thrice a week:

                Take cold showers to look to get what you want in life. You have to be willing to do what others don't and this is one of those things and apart from the natural adrenaline rush and mental callousness. 

                This provides a grooming step attractive men can never miss even if it's winter and it sucks using cold water is less irritating on the skin. 

                This means it's not going to overly dry meaning you're gonna have perfectly moisturized silky smooth skin all over your body just by doing this one. 

3. Manscaping:

                Manscaping is one of the important things in grooming. Because it plays the most important role in the daily life routine. There are several ways to manscaping such as,

a. Shaving:

  • Shave or trim your underarm hair, chest hair, and extra unwanted hair in your body. 
  • Because unwanted body hair makes more bad smell. 
  • So, manscaping is most important for every man.

b. Powdering:

  • Powder your underarm and your balls. Why I'm telling means everybody just doing the work, walk, or anything in your daily routine. 
  • At that time, that region has more friction. It makes more sweat in that area. 
  • If your powder means, The bad smell little turns into good.

4. Whitening your teeth:

                Make sure that your smile is white even potentially attractive guys. Falter here just because their smile is yellow look at any yellow teeth guy.  

                Dude is good to look and he has good genetics but his dirty smile just throws it off. 

                What women see is a guy that's unhygienic a guy that doesn't take care of himself this is why your oral routine is just as important. 

                So make sure guys, brush your teeth twice a day. Because it destroys the germs and bacteria in your teeth. And also, it helps your teeth white. 

                And, the second thing is to brush your teeth with baking soda after your meals or eat strawberry and raw water-rich vegetables.

5. Cutting your nails:

                Nails are crucial because if you think about it. This is the first impression that you make on somebody when you shake their hand. 

                It's so crucial that it has the potential of actually attracting somebody or detracting them because when you have dirt on your nails or your nails are overly long again just like the yellow teeth.

                Those are micro grooming mistakes that men make that otherwise, you would be attractive but when you see that it just grosses people out to the point. 

                 So, guys cut your nails at least twice a week. This is not a big work for all. But, this makes you look better than you first.