The best outfits in summer season | Men must have these collections | fashion fitify

            Summer is here which means it's time to switch up your style no more heavy jackets no more heavy clothing now you need new summer clothes to look amazing enhanced. 

Outfit no.1:


             This is a must-have for guys who want to be classy, who want to look elegant, and masculine and women absolutely love this light summer suits. 

              Now I really gonna wear a suit during summertime come on and yes. You will because you have to wear the right fabric right. It needs to be a linen suit it needs to be very light, breathable material.

               So, that you can wear in the summertime under the Sun. I love linen suits because you can wear them during the day in the summer and still feel that breeze still be cool and it's still breathable guys. 

                If there is one thing that women love men in suits it's just so classy, it's so elegant, it's so masculine and the cool thing about a linen suit is that it's not very formal you can literally wear it.

                 Anywhere throw on some white sneakers a white t-shirt under the jacket and you steal her style.

Outfit no.2:


                 Floro or patterned shirts right and why do women love this because it tells them that you're not a boring kind of guy who only wears t-shirts listen to every dude needs to have t-shirts. 

                 But live a little man step outside of your comfort zone try floral shirts instead now. 

                 I felt comfortable wearing floral shirts but once you do once you cross that line you're gonna feel so much better. 

                 You're gonna look incredible I just remember seeing other guys wearing and I'd be like that's just not for me it just doesn't suit my personality doesn't work for me. 

                 I can't pull this off and well guys what can I say I was absolutely wrong all right every time I throw a floral shirt on now I look in the mirror. 

                 I'm like man this is some this looks so good it's the perfect summer outfit it just makes you look more fun more outgoing more approachable and that is great with women.

Outfit no.3:

                 Women absolutely love guys who are looking masculine, tall, and beard guys. The third outfit is half sleeve shirt.

                 Because half sleeve shirt exposes the masculine look. Make sure, the stitch of the shirt is very important. 

                 The shirt must be a little bit tight. Because it can expose your masculine look. 

Outfit no.4:


                One of my all-time favorite outfits. It's simple but I'm telling you it works it's a simple t-shirt and chinos combo

                 It is so classy it's so elegant but it's so easy to wear and the difference here guys is that most men are gonna wear a t-shirt and jeans t-shirt and shorts with most likely sneakers

                 Now, if you change it up to chinos nice well-fitting perfectly tailored chinos.

                Make sure guys, the important thing in outfits are accessories. The accessories enhance your outfits or costume. And also, accessories expose you too masculine.