8 Accessories | It makes you more attractive than celebrity | fashionfitify

             There are several accessories for men. I'll tell you the best 8 accessories that make you more attractive. First of all, going to this, Many men not wearing proper accessories. 

                So, please, today onwards keep forwarding to wearing accessories. Why I'm telling means. The world is developed more in fashion, fitness, technology and so many. 

                At this time, you also change yourself. So, follow these 8 accessories that make you more fashionable from others.

    1. Leather bag:

                     Solid leather bag look at the most attractive celebrities that you know out there like your David Beckham your Ryan Gosling.

                    Because the leather bag is more different from a normal synthetic bag. The leather bag can worth money and all. A leather bag can be functioning for at least 3-4 years.


    2. Band:

                      The band not only can you wear this for style purposes and it looks pretty sick if you think it works with your aesthetic. 

                      But, also it can double as a classic handkerchief to either offer it to a damsel in distress or to wipe your oily face on a hot day both moves will make you stylish and good-looking


    3. T-shirt:

                    A T-shirt that shows some man cleavage this is another one just like the leather good. 

                     If you notice almost every good-looking guy has named one and I guarantee you they have one of these teachers now t-shirts are a staple and men's wear. 

                     Because it's just a simple classic piece that really shows off your physique and as a good-looking guy.  

    4. Chewing gum:

                     This is another one of those items where I'm trying to explain to you that the reason why good-looking guys always look handsome is that they carry items that make him look handsome.

                     Chewing gum not only is it gonna remove light stains and dirt from your mouth but it's also gonna leave your mouth fresh and kissable that's what makes you hot. 

    5. Glasses:

                     Glasses that make you look smarter. Now, there are several options when it comes to these but I recommended to use prescription glasses. 

                     Because these prescription glasses make you more attractive. The prescription glass is much greater than normal glass.

    6. Shoe:                

                     A nice shoe is another accessory. Why but every woman looks at a guy's shoes. Now, it really depends on what type of girl you're trying to impress. 

                     But the shoes that you choose are completely up to you it could be hype shoes like these or more dressy shoes personally. 


    7. Comb:

                     A comb if you have hair you know how hard it is to keep it looking nice. 

                    All-day this is why carrying a comb as a good-looking guy. It's a must this is gonna allow you to quickly into a bathroom and fix your hair. 

                    To make sure that all throughout the day the eight hours that you're gonna be out you look amazing.


    8. Necklace:

                     A necklace is a strategic accessory. Not only, necklace for style. It makes you more muscular in the chest area

                     The rope chain or classic necklace and layers of shirt. It makes you more attractive to others in your group.