5 shoes rules for men | The top secrets of shoes | fashionfitify

There are many people in the didn't wear the shoe properly. So, guys today I explain the rules of shoes.

1. Leather Shoes:

            Leather shoes are classier and women we're gonna just love class women just love leather shoes for some reason because out of the top seven shoes that women rated those top seven shoes.

            Almost all of them were made out of a leather upper by contrast the lowest 10 rated shoes we're all made of some other material or mostly you're mainly plastic, in particular, 

            I don't think that women just love the material leather but more so that leather is seen as classier like you actually put that effort to get ready in the morning and on a first date.

            That's the exact message you want to send her this is why I love white leather sneakers because they're just so basic and it's that perfect medium between dress and comfort. 

2. Boots:

             Boots make you look for masking it's a chunky shoe with the solid base that adds a rugged touch to your outfit and it even makes you look taller or actually stand taller. 

             All of this is just a recipe for being a sexy stud you do however have to be careful because tacky cowboy boots and even to my surprise chukka boots were rated pretty low on the scale and specifically the boot.          

3. Don't Spend a Lot:

             Don't spend a lot and this is interesting because a lot of men think that they need the most hype sneaker to impress that girl but interestingly enough women aren't gold diggers. 

              When it comes to your shoes two out of the top three shoes that were shown to women were subbed dollars and over 80% of the shoes that were shown to them were under 200 bucks this means that price has zero to little correlation on how attractive women think your shoes are,

4. More Stylish Shoe:

              Number five the more stylish the shoe is the more masculine you appear now this goes against popular belief within men because most men believe that these stylish types of shoes make men. 

              Look guy or feminine however according to women this couldn't be further from the truth women rated more stylish shoes that were made from leather as more manly more masculine

              And, overall more mature this is because in their heads when you wear this type of shoe it makes them think that you are more able or better able to protect them physically than that dude wearing the Jean and to be honest even if you actually can that's what you want them to think anyway and

5. Athletic Shoes:

                Number six you got to drop the athletic shoes so if you're going for athleisure you're a-ok but usually on a first date waiting for athletic shoes is somewhat of a bad call since these were rated lower compared to other shoes

                The only two exceptions were vans in converse and they fell in the casual sneaker department however if you're gonna pull up to a date and those five-toed sneakers or Asics running shoes Brooks Walker's cross-trainers, etc.