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                 Hey Whatsapp guys, Welcome to this topic, Today I'll show you the secrets of weight gain and weight loss. So, read this article fully for good and knowledgable information. 

                  Many people in the gym, Workout regularly, and intaking a good amount of nutrition in your day, That's good. I didn't say about that. 

                   But, most of the people didn't work out properly and didn't follow the diet in a proper manner. So, Today I'll speak about those people. 

                   Most people in the gym get weight gain or weight loss instantly. It is not a quick process. Muscle building or weight loss is a slow process. Be, patient.

                    Many people didn't follow the stabilization methods in the gym. Stabilization is one of the most important techniques in the gym. Stabilization is the foundation of any workout in the gym.

What is Stabilization?

                     Stabilization is a method in the workout. Stabilization methods is a foundation and important role during the workout. There are four methods in Stabilization.

Stabilization methods are,

  • Reps.
  • Sets.
  • Reps Tempo.
  • Rest Interval.

1. REPS:

            Reps(Repetitions) is the counting in workout sets. There are several repetitions ranges in the workout such as High reps with Low weights, Low reps with high weights.

a) High Reps with Low Weights:

            High Reps(16 - 20 reps range) with Low weight are mostly doing with Isolation exercises such as Bicep curl, Tricep push-down, etc. 

a1) High Reps Benefits:

  • It burns fat stored in your muscle.
  • It works as cardio.
  • It burns more calories.
  • It gets your muscle toned.
  • It was good for cardio health.
  • Good for muscle shaping.

b) Low Reps with High Weights:

                Low reps(5 - 7 reps range) with high weights are mostly doing with Compound exercises such as Deadlift, Squad, etc.

b1) Low Reps Benefits:

c) Average Reps Range:

        The Average reps range(10 - 18 reps range) are good for muscle growth and fat loss also.

2. SETS:

                Sets are a variety of exercises. I mean, Sets are a collection of reps are called sets. You can 3 - 4 sets per workout in your workout plan.


                Reps tempo is the most important thing in stabilization methods. The total reps tempo is 7 seconds. Reps tempo is doing in three movements such as Concentric, Eccentric, and Hold.  

3.a) Concentric Movement(Force Production/Lifting):

                         Concentric movement is the force production or lifting any weight. You can take 2 seconds.

For eg.:

                If you are doing bicep curl means, lifting is the concentric part. You can take 2 sec for lifting weight and squeeze your biceps.

3.b) Holds(tight):

                    Holding is the hold an object or weight for 1 second.

3.c) Eccentric Movement(Against Gravity):

                    Eccentric movement is the against gravity movement in your workout. You can 4 seconds for eccentric movement.

For Eg.:

                If you are doing a bicep curl means, eccentric part take 4 seconds against gravity.


                Rest Interval is the one of the most important thing in workout. When you are doing workout means, your body produces ATP(Adinosene Triphosphate) and PC(Phosphocreatine) afterwards it reduces.

                There are three types of rest interval are low interval, Moderate interval, High internal.

Low Interval:

                Low rest intervals are 60 - 90 seconds between each sets.
Low rest interval are good for fat loss in your muscle. Good for cardiac health.

                This interval are good for muscle shaping, toning a muscle, It works as a cardio workout. This are mostly do in isolation exercises(bicep curl, tricep push-down, etc).

Moderate Interval:

                Moderate interval are 2 min between each sets. Moderate interval are good for decent muscle building and gain some strength. 

High Interval:

                High rest Interval are 3-4 minutes between each sets. High rest interval are mostly do in compound exercises(squat, deadlift, bench press, etc)

                    This interval are good for increase strength, build massive muscle.

Good Rest Interval:

                     The Average or good rest interval are depend upon your sets. If you are doing compound exercise means do high rest interval and If you are doing isolation exercise means do low rest interval. 

  • 20-30 sec rest - get 50% of ATP and PC.
  • 40 sec rest - get 75% of ATP and PC.
  • 60 sec rest - get 80% of ATP and PC.
  • 2 min rest - get 90% of ATP and PC.
  • 3 min rest - get 100% of ATP and PC.
  • 5 min rest - fully recovered.
  • after 7 min rest - muscle cools down(cause muscle damage).