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In this modern world, many people are too lazy, Because of their lifestyle. It totally depends on you. So, Concentrate on a good lifestyle(Workout, Diet, Daily routine). 

                Even some people are in a good lifestyle too. In modern youngsters and most people in the gym asking a big question called "Weight Gain". 

                Weight Gain is the most speaking topic in the fitness industry. Weight Gain is the best topic for men and women's too.

                Many people in fitness, try to gain weight instantly. So, That people are intaking a Mass Gainer for instant Weight Gain.

                Some people know the truth about Mass Gainer. And, Others didn't know the truth of Mass Gainer. 

                In the supplement industry, there are many supplements such as Whey Protein, Mass Gainers, BCAA, Creatine, and so on.

                These are the most popular supplements in the supplement and fitness industry too. Today, I'll tell you the Pros and Cons of Mass Gainer

                I didn't promote any Mass Gainer, So see this article freely and notice important points.

What Is Mass Gainer:

                Mass Gainer is the best supplement to gain weight or increase your weight instantly(fastly). Mass Gainer contains Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Mass Gainer having a 1:3 ratio of protein and carbohydrates. 

                Even, many people are buying these Mass Gainer for this reason only(instant weight gain).

Why Mass Gainer:

                The people who are trying to gain weight in a short period of time take Mass Gainer. There are many Mass Gainer brands in today's supplement and fitness industry. And, there are many fake products too.

                So, Beware of buying the Mass Gainer supplement. Not only Mass Gainer even any supplements too. 

Can I Take Natural Foods To Gain Weight:

                The answer is, YES. There are many people asking this question many times. Today, I'll be giving the answer, Mass Gainer is the supplement(addition in your daily diet). You can take this supplement for addition only. 

                Many types of research and Scientist show that Natural foods are the best medicine in the world. So, Focus on Natural Foods and then focus on any supplements. 

                The Mass Gainer is the Home-made Mass Gainer. Because You only made this mass gainer. You know the ingredients and procedure of making these mass gainer shake.  

                But, Mass Supplements are made in many industries. We didn't know the ingredients they added in the supplements. But, the Mass Gainer label explains it, What(ingredients) they added in this supplement.

                You didn't eat well means, you can take supplements for weight gain.

I'll show you the best mass gainer shake at home


  • Medium size banana(2 pieces).
  • 2 Tablespoon Peanut Butter.
  • Milk(Skimmed, Almond, and normal milk) - 250ml.
  • Whey Protein(2 scoops).
  • Dry fruits and Nuts(2 tablespoons of each)


  • First, take the banana and slice it into small pieces.
  • Take the milk(the recommended milk is almond and skimmed). At last, there are no option means, You can take normal milk.
  • Take the 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter. 
  • If you want extra protein in your shake, You can add Whey Protein for your shake
  • Then finally, Mix well in the blender. 
  • And, Some nuts and dry fruits in your shake.














Banana(2 pieces)











 Peanut Butter(2 tablespoons)











 Milk(Almond Milk) – 250ml











  Whey Protein(2 scoop)












   Dry fruits(30g)












   Mixed Nuts(30g)





















                 The Mass Gainer shake is equal to Mass Gainer Supplements. But, Homemade shake is natural and Supplement is artificial. 

Why Supplements:

                If you don't have time to spend in your diet and too lazy means, You can go to these supplements.  


  •  Contains Protein and Carbs.
  •  Contains amino acids.
  •  Drink easily.
  •  Get high calories in just 3-4 scoops.


  • Investing more money.
  • More Sugar content in Mass Gainer supplements.
  • High Doses can cause thirst, nausea, bloating, reduced appetite, cramps, headache, and tiredness (fatigue).